Domain and DNS Support

Renew, change, manage and update your domains and DNS information online.

If your business has an Intrinsix-supplied domain name or DNS service, you may be able to log in and manage that information right online. You can use our DNS Management system to change your billing or administrative contact information, renew or extend a domain name, or initiate a transfer request at any time. All requests that have potentially disruptive impact are reviewed by Intrinsix technicians before being activated, so no accidental or malfeasant requests will be made against your wishes, and your domain properties will always be protected.

Note that only Intrinsix Nautilus subscribers receive automatic online domain management. To add online domain management to an existing or legacy Intrinsix account, please use our Support services or contact your account representative. If you do not have online domain management services, you may still send manual requests to at any time.

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