Our Philosophy

Intrinsix is a technology firm that hates technology.

At Intrinsix, we hate computers. We think they're too slow, too hard to use and most of all, too distracting. There's nothing worse than getting so enamored of technology that one forgets the original goal was to make life better, not just more full of blinking lights.

When we build software systems, we always put human factors first. Information screens are designed for readability, data is cross-checked and smart-summarized before being presented, and everything that can be automated will be automated, so that by the time a human being sits down to work, there's as little work as possible left for them to actually do. In this way, we like to think we're giving them more time for the important things in life, like sports, concerts and walks in the park.

We work really, really hard so that our clients don't have to.

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