Careers at Intrinsix

Intrinsix is a very, very difficult place to work. For more than two decades, Intrinsix has built a reputation on doing very high quality work for some very demanding clients. As such, we expect a lot from our staff and our subcontractors.

If you are a UI designer or systems programmer looking for a laid-back, fun experience in an easy-going, laugh-out-loud environment... this is not the place for you. Try FourSquare or Reddit.

If, on the other hand, you are a talented and energetic philomath or aesthete who needs interesting and challenging projects in order to feel alive, we might have a place for you. If you have always wondered how good your own work could get, if you had the right guidance and discipline, well... maybe there's a match here indeed.

The openings on this page change often to reflect our ever-shifting workload and the budgetary winds that buffet our clients, so check back often.

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